Chemicals for the net zero future


Synthetic Biology and AI are the main drivers of the next technological revolution, and we will leverage those tools to decarbonise key chemicals through the use of our novel cyanobacterial platform. By recreating the building blocks of our everyday economy, we will impact key industries and create the multiplier effect to make a tangible impact faster.

Deep Blue BioTech’s mission is to move synthetic biology from the lab to the marketplace.

Carbon Impact

Our Cyanobacteria technology platform is able to produce high-value chemicals that will replace their current fossil-derived alternatives in the market. These chemicals are mainly obtained through fossil fuels and attempts for alternative sources have failed due to cost constraints.

Our cost-effective solution will allow our chemicals to initially penetrate key industries like Pharma, Beauty and Personal Care, to eventually expand in other markets maximising our carbon mitigation potential.

Benefits of Synthetic Biology

Precision and Customisation

Synthetic biology enables precise design and engineering of microorganisms to produce tailored chemicals, optimizing yields, reducing waste, and enhancing efficiency.


Renewable feedstocks reduces fossil fuel dependency, lowers environmental impact by decreasing emissions, and fosters eco-friendly, biodegradable chemical development.

Rapid Development and Iteration

Synthetic biology speeds up biological system development, enabling rapid prototyping and innovation, reducing costs, and enhancing chemical industry processes.

What are Cyanobacteria?

Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, are potent allies in combating climate change. They are the most efficient photosynthetic organism on earth, absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen and glucose more efficiently than plants.

They excel in synthetic biology because they utilize CO2 as their primary feedstock, eliminating the need for arable land and actively contributing to carbon removal for climate change mitigation.

Harnessing this decarbonizing potential is crucial for tackling the climate crisis, and our team is committed to advancing cyanobacteria science.

Our Leadership Team

An accomplished team with expertise in synthetic biology, sustainable design, and scaling novel technologies, dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions for a net-zero future.

Manuel Rios, CEO

Manuel, a seasoned Business Leader and Strategist, boasts two decades of success at FMCG giants like Unilever. His expertise in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, coupled with a deep understanding of consumer needs, will drive the launch of the next generation of sustainable products.

Andrej Ondracka, CSO

Andrej brings 15 years of interdisciplinary expertise in molecular genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, data science, and synthetic biology. He has extensive experience leading and delivering complex R&D projects in academic and startup settings.

Tim Corcoran, COO

Tim is a Business Development consultant by background. He specializes in crafting growth strategies, securing investors, partners, and clients for start-ups and scale-ups. His track record spans from inception to successful exits.

Become part of the journey

Our focus on sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions not only makes us an industry leader but also offers strong returns for investors. Contact us to learn more about how your investment can contribute to a net zero future and yield financial growth.

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